Your Guide To Stunning Metal Gates

As one of Sussex’s leading manufacturers of high quality metal gates, we understand that getting the right gate for your home, business or garden is essential. We also know that it’s not exactly a regular occurrence. With thousands of design possibilities to choose from, as well as making sure you get the correct sizing, the process can be a tad confusing. We thought a comprehensive guide to the UK’s favourite gate designs might be in need! So here it is, and J. Colburn can produce any of these stunning designs, as well as many more.

A pair of driveway gates

Driveway Gates

Despite being most commonly referred to as driveway gates, this type of gate design can in fact be used to secure any large entrance where a single leaf option would not be viable. Manufactured from high grade steel components in a traditional wrought iron style, they are produced in matching pairs that have an equal 50/50 split. Although some instances may need a 2:1 configuration.

How do they work?

Metal driveway gates are most commonly fixed to brick pillars using a pair of hinges on each leaf. When installed level with each other the gates will meet in the middle with a corresponding latch and receiver unit catching to keep the gates closed. In addition to this, each gate leaf may feature a drop bolt (usually at bottom of the meeting point) to provide an additional means of securing the gate closed. The most common operating configuration of this type of gate is where each leaf swings in towards the driveway, so make sure enough space is available! Alternatively, in some instances the gates can be reversed so they open outwards, however due to safety reasons, this is not always possible (such as a driveway that crosses a pavement).

Although most homeowners are happy to manually open and close the gates, some people prefer to upgrade to remote control. Please note, powered gates are dangerous if not properly installed due to the addition of electricity, therefore we do not recommend you fit the operator on a DIY basis.

Why use a metal driveway gate?

Double driveway gates are a cost effective way of protecting the main entrance of your home from trespassers and criminals. Manufactured in a range of designs they can help enhance the visual appeal of your property whilst retaining an affordable price making them an excellent option for any UK homeowner.

What are the negatives?

Aside from the obvious cost factor, the main downside to a set of driveway gates is the installation aspect. Due to the weight of the gates you will need to make sure that existing brick pillars are of suitable strength to take the added strain placed upon the structure. In some instances the installation of metal posts may be necessary which leads to additional expense being created.

A set of estate gates

Estate Gates

If you are looking to provide unparalleled levels of security to your home and garden (well apart from having no entrance at all) then the number one choice is a pair of estate gates. Suitable for large entrances and driveways this type of fate will create a secure and imposing physical security barrier that is difficult to climb or bypass unnoticed. As a result of this high security design, they are popular with owners of high value properties looking to secure valuable assets such as prestige cars and valuables. Manufactured from heavy duty steel components to ensure strength, rigidity and durability a set of gates will prove an expensive yet worthwhile investment for any residential environment.

How do they work?

Estate gates work in the same manner as any other hinged gate. A wall plate is attached to the supporting structure and the gates swing freely off it. Where they meet in the middle you can choose between a siding latch (if you want to secure with a padlock) or can be upgraded to a mortise lock configuration that allow security to be achieved with a standard key.

Why use a metal estate gate?

Estate gates are easy to operate, can span large openings and provide the best levels of security of any common UK gate design.

What are the negatives?

Due to the heavy duty construction it may be necessary to make structural alterations to existing walls or pillars. They are also considerably more expensive to construct than a standard driveway gate, and more time is needed to complete construction.

Garden gate

Garden Gates

Although the name suggests they should be used within a garden, a metal gate of this type is suitable for any pedestrian access point around a property. They are only really suitable for pedestrians too due to the size limitations of a single leaf gate. Garden gates come in all shapes and sizes and are mainly designed to act as a visual deterrent to trespassers, although they are also commonly used to keep pets and small children from straying from the safe confines of a house and garden.

How do they work?

This type of gate usually utilises a single pair of hinges that can be mounted to brickwork, stonework, timber or any other suitable surface. They are designed to swing open inwards with a latch fitting on that side to hold the gate securely in the closed position.

Why use a metal garden gate?

They are superb value for money as they provide several benefits to the homeowner, including aesthetic appeal, security, privacy and restricted access.

What are the negatives?

Due to the majority of designs being 90cm (3ft) in height, the level of security that is achievable is pretty low. This is because they can be bypassed by climbing over. As mentioned, they are more of a visual deterrent.

In addition to this, where large pedestrian entrances need securing you may find that a single garden gate will have too large a swinging radius to provide ease of operation.

Side Gate

Side Gate

If you have a need to provide a higher level of security to any pedestrian entrance within the bounds of your home and garden, a metal side gate is the ideal choice. Featuring a steel construction to ensure rigidity and reduced flexibility, this type of gate is an excellent choice for securing rear access points, side entrances, passageways or any other area where you need to keep pets and children in and trespassers out.

How do they work?

Manufactured to high standards to provide strength and rigidity, metal side gates can be installed in a number of configurations, depending on your site requirements. Featuring a pair of hinges mounted to one side of the gate (which should be attached to a suitable structure such as an existing brick wall or post) they simply swing open and closed by hand. They are usually secured via a tipping latch or sliding latch, both of which can be fitted with a padlock for extra security.

Why us a metal side gate?

Available in a large number of designs to suit your style, metal side gates are normally manufactured to a minimum height of 1.83m (6ft) which makes them difficult to climb over. Perfect for spanning openings up to 1.5m (5ft), they provide an imposing physical security barrier at any residential entrance, making them the number one choice for any security conscious property owner looking to protect their home and family.


Not many! One potential is that they are usually constructed with gaps between the bars/design which means privacy might be slightly less than a solid gate.

Hopefully that was of some use to you, if you have any further questions feel free to get in touch. We’re ready to answer any and all questions! We pride ourselves on offering consultation, design, manufacturing and installation, the all in one package. Make your dream reality.

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